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Factory repair materials


Repair products used on the construction site for PP and PE insulation.

Canus repair products for factory applied 3LPP and 3LPE coatings provide excellent adhesion and shear resistance at the high operating temperatures of the pipeline. The repair products are designed to be fully  compatible with the main insulation of the pipeline. Constructed of the same material as the main insulation, the repair products offer equivalent protective properties to factory applied insulation.


Typical Applications: Repair Materials for Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) Pipelines






Izolacje termokurczliwe WLOX, WLOX55, WLOX65

Canusa-CPS has been a leading manufacturer of anti-corrosion coatings since 1966, including a whole range of products for the insulation of welded joints for the pipeline industry:


Our offer includes:

  • Heat shrink sleeves for field joints insulation of PE and PP pipelines (GTS-65, GTS-65PP)

  • Repair materials for polyethylene and polypropylene insulation (Melt Stick / Melt Strip / CRP)

  • High-shrink insulation materials for insulating flanges, reducers, closing casing pipes and other types of irregularly shaped objects:

  1. High-shrink clamps K-60TM HS70 / K-60 HS125 / K-60 HS200 (formerly WLOX, WLOX55, WLOX65)
  2. PMA shrink tubes
  • Coating materials for securing welded joints during trenchless crossings / including HDD drilling, e.g. CANUSA DDXTM or SCARGUARD®

  • Viscoelastic tapes

  • HBE liquid insulation

  • Induction Heating

  • Other CANUSA-CPS materials











Automatic application


IntelliCOAT is the world's first fully automated system for the controlled application of heat-shrinkable sleeves. The system is used for the application of anti-corrosion coatings on the construction site and is a contribution of CANUSA-CPS to the development of technology in the field of pipeline construction. Factory Grade ™ coating materials (3LPE, 3LPP), together with the IntelliCOAT system, provide a defect-free, high-performance, three-layer anti-corrosion coating along the entire length of the pipeline.


Typical Applications: Application of heat shrink coatings on the construction site.

Automatyczna izolacja



Pipeiline induction heating


Induction heating technologies are often used as part of the corrosion protection process of steel pipelines to raise the surface temperature of the pipeline during coating. As part of its commitment to developing advanced process technologies and high-quality anti-corrosion solutions, Canusa-CPS maintains a comprehensive fleet of specialized induction generators and heating coils at strategic locations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, serving both short- and long-term needs in the field of project implementation.

Typical Applications: Application of heat shrink coatings on the construction site.


Induction coil



The Canusa HBE-95 System is an advanced two-component epoxy coating specifically designed for use in pipelines. Applied to bare steel, HBE-95 withstands operating temperatures up to 95 ° C (302 ° F) with top performance. HBE-95 is used to protect welded joints, valves and fittings, as a repair material in the event of detachment of FBE factory insulation or for renovation of pipelines. Environmentally friendly, 100% durable, the novolac epoxy system can be applied by spraying or by hand with a brush to the intended substrate


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Protective anti-corrosion coatings consisting of a modified and reinforced viscoelastic adhesive layer applied to the carrier material.

Delivered in the form of rolls, WrapidBond provides effective corrosion protection by acting as a barrier against the penetration of water and oxygen. WrapidBond is used in underground and above-ground pipelines. WrapidCoat PVC and WrapidCoat PE are hard, based on vinyl chloride and polyethylene tapes with high tack adhesive, intended to be used as an outer layer.

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Advanced casing system for pre-insulated pipelines


The Canusa SuperCase product line provides the highest protection of connections on pre-insulated pipelines. Highly durable, cross-linked polyethylene offers extreme resistance to substrate influence and moisture penetration, while the versatility and ease of application of Canusa SuperCase products ensure consistent and reproducible performance at every joint. Features of the SuperCase system:

• Resistance to premature regeneration in hot climates

• Extremely fast application resulting in low installation costs per connection

Proven long-term performance and reliability - over a million insulated links to date

Typical applications: pre-insulated pipelines.


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Heat shrink sleeves to protect the connections of pre-insulated pipes.


SuperSeal sleeves are specifically designed for the long-term protection of pre-insulated pipe joints. Advanced polyethylene outer layer material combined with adhesive technology provide the highest protection against water penetration and exceptional protection against the influence of substrate conditions on pre-insulated pipes.

System Features:

  • Compliance with the highest requirements of the EN 489 standard

  • Proven and extensive experience in sealing district heating connections over the past 25 years

  • Exceptional performance-value ratio

Typical applications: pre-insulated pipelines

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Cylindrical heat shrink products offer quick installation for a wide range of applications.These products have a wide range of uses, both in pipelines and in many other industrial applications.

These products are used extensively in alternative applications including bridge construction as well as street lighting.


Typical applications: pre-insulated pipelines

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System RockShield


The WrapidShield PE RockShield System is designed to provide high impact resistance and compressive strength when used as a protective layer over an anti-corrosion coating. The material withstands damage from rocky fill material or from barge rollers used in laying offshore pipelines. WrapidShield PE helps to cushion any impacts during construction, is more economical, lighter and easier to install than alternative protection methods.

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Scar-Guard® provides the highest protection of welded joint coatings during directional drilling or in areas with very difficult conditions of the backfill substrate. Scar-Guard® as a water-cured welded joint coating protection system, based on polyurethane impregnated glass fiber, provides effective protection against abrasion and stresses occurring during pipe pulling or backfilling operations.


Typical applications: HDD drilling, jacking, trenchless technologies, mechanical reinforcements along the entire length of the pipeline section.

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The Canus DDX system has been designed to protect welded joints on pipelines with PP, PE and FBE insulation during the execution of directional drilling. In addition to providing effective protection against the forces acting on the pipe during drilling, the DDX system also provides the highest anti-corrosion protection of welded joints.


Typical applications: HDD drilling, jacking, trenchless technologies.

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K60 HS


High shrink materials


The K ™ series are heat shrinkable products designed

for quick and easy installation.

The product range includes systems for onshore and offshore applications with a wide operating temperature range. This line offers cost-effective and high-performance solutions.


Typical applications: closing casing pipes, insulation of flanged connections and fittings, insulation of unusual shaped elements such as reducers, oranges, etc.


Izolacje termokurczliwe WLOX, WLOX55, WLOX65



Hybrid heat shrink sleeve


A range of GTS hybrid polypropylene solutions combining Canus-CPS patented polypropylene coating technology with a user-friendly adhesive technology. The system provides unmatched resistance to external mechanical stress combined with a simple installation procedure for 3LPE and 3LPP insulated pipelines operating at temperatures up to 100 ° C (212 ° F)


Typical applications:  insulation of welded joints in pipelines

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Heat shrink sleeves

Global Transmission Sleeve, or GTS, refers to a range of high-performance coating systems applied on site, providing high corrosion protection for underground, above-ground and offshore pipelines.

Typical applications: field joints insulation

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